Pablo Murgier is a pianist and composer based in Paris, France. He is one of the referents of the new generation of tango musicians and Argentine music, as well as a performer, composer or arranger, he has also passed through the fields of jazz and classical music. As a soloist or with the ensemble that bears his name, he has played in the most important theaters and festivals in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Europe and Asia. It integrates several projects such as the Duo Murgier - Rossi, Los Milonguitas, and Azimut Project. His Ensemble was awarded the award of "Best Tango Orchestra" in 2017 and his first solo album MUY LEJOS was nominated for the GARDEL AWARDS in 2018.


He recorded albums together with various musical projects around tango, jazz-fusion, Latin American folklore and chamber music. Both as solist and with his group the Ensemble Murgier, he has produced several productions whose music is original in its entirety: Piano Solo (album ‘‘Los Espejos’’) ; Ensemble Murgier (EP ‘‘Reflets’’ and album ‘‘Muy Lejos’’). He also recorded with Los Milonguitas Tango, Azimut Project, Cuarteto Biraben, SPEE, and Cacho Castaña, among others.

As a soloist, he gave concerts of academic and popular music in numerous halls and institutions, and toured in Argetina, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, China and Europe. He has performed concerts as a solo pianist with the string orchestra MusArt (Chile) and is involved in the field of musical production and arrangements collaborating with adaptations for symphonic orchestras and various musical formations in the Astor Sinfónico XXI project. He composed and performed the music for the play Fêtes Galantes Spectacle (Paul Verlaine) produced by the Theatre Essaion in Paris. He has been invited to participate in the prestigious Piazzolla 2020 – “The history continues” , which brings together composers who are references to current Argentine music.

In 2016 he formed his own project, the Ensemble Murgier, where he works as a composer and pianist. The group won the award of the First World Tango Orchestras World Cup in the International Tango Meeting for Musicians in Buenos Aires, and its first album was nominated for the Gardel Awards in the category Best New Tango Artist.

He has worked as a teacher of Piano and Tango in art schools of the Province of Buenos Aires, and has taught Musical Language in the program of Children’s Orchestras and Choirs for the Bicentennial of Argentina. He has also worked as a researcher in the program Territorios de la Música Contemporánea Argentina at the National University of Quilmes. He currently holds various courses on arrangements and composition in contemporary popular music and Latin American music.

Pablo Murgier